Web Development Social Action Summer Program

ProgramHers is a student led non-profit organization with the main mission of providing an environment for anyone to learn engineering and coding. During the Summer of 2020 ProgramHers provided a free, five-week online camp teaching students how to create a website on a social action topic of their choosing using HTML/CSS. The historic protests over the murder of George Floyd going on in the United States, as well as the general state of unrest during this time provided a unique societal context for the class. Rather than being a typical coding camp, our program focused on minority empowerment and how technology can be applied to help solve societal issues. Students heard from industry guest speakers from companies such as Google, Disney, and NASA and engaged in collaborative workshops about the intersection of social action and technology. The course culminated in the sixty students sharing the websites they created. It is my pleasure to share a few of them with you below:

Saanvi, Age: 13 Topic: Black Lives Matter Resources-Visit Saanvi's Website Inara, Age: 11Topic: Endangered Species

Saanvi Inara

Olaf, Age: 13 Topic: Gender Eqaulity-Visit Olaf's Website- Sagarika, Age: 14Topic: Climate Change- Visit Sagarika's Website

Olaf Sagarika

Dev, Age: 13 Topic: Feminism-Visit Dev's Website Advi, Age: 13Topic: Climate Change- Visit Advi's Website

Dev Ad

Ann and Astha, Ages: 13 Topic: Education Rights-Visit Ann's Website Sneha, Age 12Topic: Climate Change

Saanvi Inara